Collection: Chakras Aligned

Chakras Aligned is our most recent collection and this dainty minimalist set is our first release. Our intentionally progressive stone pattern promotes balancing our internal chakra energy. The gemstones incorporated in these pieces specifically corresponds with the chakra they represent. This set combines gold plated Heishi Hematite, Red Jasper, Orange Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst gemstone beads. The seven chakras these stones represent are the main energy centers of our body. Because of our life experiences we tend to have energy blockages and that refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely and then harmony can exist between the physical, mind, and spirit. This set was intentionally made to help bring awareness to your own energy orbit so you can you navigate your healing journey with integrity.